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Environment Design Institute

Considering about environment is the same meaning of taking good care of story existing actually in there.
When plan to build up a facility at any place,
We have to start learning a lifestyle of in habitant,
to study the history of the region and to investigate the relationship between the life of trees,
animals and the people living in that area.
It is not progress that the existent good story
and harmonized with environment is destroyed by building a new facility.
Taking good care of the lifeÅfs story with people and animal which live there and making a new vivid story
with rearranging or improving these relationships, this is real design work.

News Letter

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Yotsukaido Satsuki Nursery School
Kawaguchiko Stellar Theatre Repair
New Hiroshima Municipal Baseball Stasium
Keio University Collaboration Complex
Ichinodai Kindergarten
YuYu-no-mori Nursery School and Day Nursery

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